January 15, 2017

The facts are bad enough

●Trump’s real estate empire relies, though we don’t know how much, on Russian money. Trump says he never invested in Russia or got loans from Russia. But he did get investment from Russia. In 2008, his son said that Russian investment was “pouring in” to Trump properties. Even before that, Trump had a whole series of partners and investors linked to post-Soviet oligarchs and even Russian organized crime. Has Trump concealed his tax returns for this reason?

●Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, spent many years working on behalf of the thuggish Russian-backed Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, who eventually fled his own country. Manafort maintains links to pro-Russian groups in Ukraine. His name appeared on a list of people who took large chunks of cash from Yanukovych. He hasn’t gone away — in fact, he has lived in Trump Tower. There is no secret about his Russian connections. On the contrary, they define him.

●Last summer, Trump operatives at the convention changed the Republican Party platform to soften the language on Ukraine. There was no explanation for this change, one of the few substantive changes made to the entire party platform. Was this a signal, from Manafort or Trump, that the candidate was on Vladi­mir Putin’s side?

●Throughout the campaign, Trump repeated slogans and conspiracy theories — “Obama invented ISIS,” “Hillary will start World War III” — lifted from Sputnik, the Russian propaganda website. Was this just Trump campaign chief Stephen K. Bannon borrowing ideas, or Manafort using tactics he perfected in Ukraine? Or was there deliberate linkage?

●Finally, and most important: Trump is willing to risk serious conflict with China, to destroy U.S. relations with Mexico, to dismiss America’s closest allies in Europe and to downgrade NATO, our most important military alliance. But he has repeated many times his admiration for Russia and its president. In 2013 he told MSNBC, “I do have a relationship” with Putin, who is “probably very interested in what you and I are saying today” and will “be seeing it in some form.” In 2014 he bragged that Putin had sent him a “beautiful present” and claimed — apparently untruthfully — to have spoken to him as well. Nothing that Putin has done since — invade Ukraine, murder journalists, jail opponents — has induced Trump to change his mind.
 Stop obsessing over ‘secrets’ about Trump and Russia. What we already know is bad enough


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    It would appear the CIA is obsessed with linking Trump to Putin and Russia financially, but if this is the case it could be a good thing for the people of the USA, however not so good for the CIA and the MIC, as it would be less likely for Trump to start a war with Russia. Trump has already said words to the effect that only fools would want a war with Russia. Pretty true.

    But the CIA and NATO have been baiting Putin for yonks now - best keep the strategic stress going as well as the massive budgets.

    One should also realise that as far as the American pleb is concerned Russia is not a threat, however Wall Street and all its alligators have done more harm to Americans, especially over the past 20 years, than Russia ever could.

    That said it would be far better to press Trump's vast financial relationships with the alligators of Wall Street because it will be highly unlikely he will go to war with them, ie drain the swamp.

    By exposing Trump from this perspective it will piss of his supporters who actually believed (moronically) he was going to drain the swamp, or at least was going to try to.

    There has been some reporting about this but I suspect it's in the interest of the establishment, the CIA and the military industrial complex to focus on this Russian connection in the hope they can have Trump impeached for treason or similar, which would mean Wall Street and the MIC can continue gutting the middle class of America as they have been doing for yonks now.


  2. It was the head of the FBI, not the CIA (I got them confused).

    Even the GOP supports an investigation into his unprecedented actions in the two weeks prior to the election.

    Not sure why so many people completely block out that some things - remarkably - have bipartisan support, despite the US being even more partisan than it's ever been.