November 11, 2016

The Jerry Springer show moves into the White House

Sadly, there will be no off switch for the reality show beaming to us all from the White House, come January 2017.


Trump, the pout-mouthed, big-haired, self-congratulatory flim-flam man more comfortable with a lie than the truth, so coarse he gives the concept a bad name, is President, and the whole world will have to live with it.

And just like a lot of those who voted for Brexit, great masses of those dimwits who chose Trump will turn around in a few months and complain that "we didn't know it would be like this". But it is already too late to undo what has been done.

Trump, the isolationist without a clue, will teach his adherents soon enough that a nation that will not approve trade deals will find itself starved of access to foreign markets. The rust belts that put their faith in him stand condemned to become even rustier and poorer.

A leader without an idea about foreign relations beyond the squalid vision of building a great big wall will soon enough be exposed as leading his country up a dry gully.

And a man so thick he believes he can play global politics with the likes of Vladimir Putin and skip free is plain dangerous.

There are not so many moments that can be identified instantly as turning points for world history. The declaration of world wars, the dismantling of a wall between east and west hemispheres, the failure of world markets...these are easily distinguished.

But the day the most powerful nation in the world put its faith in a calculated fool, as easily, apparently, as settling into a TV show that celebrates the basest instincts of both participants and audience?

That is a sad and pathetic day, which is not a promising start for what is, undoubtedly, one of those rare moments in history that can be identified instantly as a turning point.

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