November 12, 2016

Blame Game

Let's get this exactly straight, to save an awful lot of drivel (and there is so much drivel from the stalls, isn't there, now that the deed has been done).

The Republican Party should have put the kybosh on the Trump candidacy a year ago.  They didn't. 

Too gutless, too stupid, didn't believe it could possibly happen.

The blame is wholly and solely with the party leaders, who fluffed about, did a bit of hand-wringing, but somehow thought it would all work out of its own accord.  One by one their other candidates fell, their alarm grew loud and louder, but they still did nothing.

The media treated the Trump candidacy like a money making circus sideshow, because that's exactly what it was, a campaign so base it was one more unbelievable freak act after the other.

In the end, even sitting and past Republicans did not vote for Trump, they urged others not to vote for him.  Even the Republicans could not morally stomach winning if it meant Trump would be the President, they preferred to lose, and clean up their own house for next time around, with a qualified candidate who reflected the dignity of the office.

Not voting for your own candidate is a nice gesture, displaying courage when all those around are acting like barbarians takes backbone.  But it was already one minute to midnight, and far too late for gestures or moral courage to prevail.

So there is the blame. 

Can everyone stop hysterically blaming the left or the media or the Democrats or Clinton, or whatever.  It's not that no one saw it coming.  We all fucking saw it coming.  There were only two candidates for goodness sake, the odds were pretty high that one of them would win, and 'one' of them was Donald Trump, so do the maths, go back and look at all the headlines over and over telling us how close it was, the headlines that kept telling us that Trump was a very strong chance to win, based on all polling, the headlines that - no matter the new and stomach churning revelations about Trump's amoral business and personal inner workings - didn't see a single blip in his popularity with voters.

Yes, we were in denial that this could possibly be true, because anything foretold on The Simpsons 10 years ago was just too stupid to come true.  Just as the Republican Party was in denial a year ago, and remained in denial until the very end, when they cast their own votes for anyone other than Trump.

The past and current republican leaders felt so badly about Trump that they wanted to lose the Presidency.

Now they have him, and so do we.  They did this.


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    President Trump: How & Why...

    "Pie thinks he knows who is to blame for the rise of Trump...and you're not going to like it!"


  2. Sanders would NOT have beaten Trump. He was as bland as limp lettuce, and nothing 'new', he was not a change maker.

    Change for the sake of change? Well, in that case, we should all become communists then, which would be a change!

    Trump was a BETTER candidate? Oh, fuck. When did anyone win by insulting or berating people? (Or how about threatening to sue or jail people, hey?) That's right, TRUMP did! He spend 18 months doing nothing but try to silence people and 18 months threatening people.

    Yep. The normalisation of Trump is already entrenched, and it's not even a week. Defending the indefensible and blaming the left for Trump? How convenient, how intellectually empty.

  3. Besides Justin, there is no real left in the US, certainly not left radicals, unless you consider affordable health insurance (note 'insurance', not affordable or universal healthcare) is rabidly socialist). The US is extreme right, gun toting, bible carrying, vote against their own interests from one election to the next, but so long as their right to carry a gun and hate anyone not like them is protected, they feel powerful and have the delusion of free will and safety.

    So these sort of rants against the left are as preposterous in relation to America as they are useless. Ironically, it's precisely this abuse that he and others are projecting onto democrat supporters.

    Disappointing to see that some now protesting, finally finding a voice, are those who wanted Sanders, in lieu of supporting Clinton, voted for anyone but Clinton, or maybe didn't vote at all. It's those Dem supporters who are also to blame, as they chose to vote against their own party just because their guy didn't win the primaries - well, as happens here, what did they think would happen if they wasted or diluted their vote? Yep, unintended consequences, which are predictable and foreseeable!

    Still gobsmacked by how quickly Turnbull embraced Trump, ditto Bishop. Turnbull was both cringe worthy and disingenuous. At least Merkel had the intelligence and moral fortitude to draw a clear line in the sand.

    What's the real fuss about? Values, rights, and the fact that apparently an awful lot of people, across the US and across Europe (the extreme right is winning everywhere, with a platform of fear and racism, Brexit is only the beginning), do NOT share the values that we in first world democracies thought were the bedrock, thought were worth protecting and even dying for - Trump proved this to be untrue. Those values, it would seem, are not shared. That's what's frightening, that's what's so repugnant, and that's why people are marching. They know what's at stake. The threat is not external, it's internal.

    1. Anonymous3:58 PM

      “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda


  4. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Quite often self interest is dressed up as "values".

    Feminism and Propaganda: Torches of Freedom

    Edward Bernays 2: Selling War


  5. Justin - equal rights for women is not a 'value', it's a human rights issue. If not, then America should go back to black slavery and throwing gay men into prison, because, you know, those things were only ever 'relative' 'values' weren't they.

    This is no spitting contest of relativity: my values are better than yours (or Trump's or Londoners), this is about the right of every person to be treated equally, to access to opportunities, to be treated with the same dignity, respect and compassion as any white guy.

    Anyone dismissing 'feminism' as a mere value, really means they think elderly white guys should continue to, should, and must, tell and legislate for what young women can and can't do with their bodies and their lives.

    Hey, would could just hope back to the 17th century and pretend the last few centuries never happened! There you go: arcane 'values' win!

    It's the same as suggesting that Islam is merely a religion - a different set of 'values' - rather than a legal, political, ethnic, and cultural identity. But yes, let's dumb everything down. Well, we'll need to now, for the new POTUS.

    1. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Understood CAZ, so for the point of the exercise how about I rephrase as follows:

      Quite often self interest is dressed up as "human rights".

      And the point of the exercise is deception - follow the money.

      In the example I provided human rights or women's equality was simply a convenient vehicle, a smoke screen if you wish, for the cigarette corporation to sell more smokes.

      There are many other examples over the years where self interest is wrapped up in a cloak of decency or doing good. The British Empire had a habit of invading other people's countries and stealing their stuff, of course they sold the enterprise to the British plebs as civilizing the locals: those brown, black and yellow people whose blood sweat and tears made the UK great. Many were civilized to death.

      In fact Cecil Rhodes did a very good job at this civilization thing and with the help of the Rothschilds, Lord Milner and Co set up a society (the round table group) that planned to civilise the whole world. They are still at it, but that's another (not unrelated) story. Do your own research if you wish.

      I'm sure the British elite would have insisted that civilsation was a human right.

      All in all the point I am making is that quite often things are not what they seem and the corporate media is the useful tool of deception motivated by self interest.

  6. Sorry about all the typing errors, just venting.

    Britain and American and gone extreme right, and insular, parts of Europe will have the opportunity to do the same in the near future. Forget freedoms, democracy, equality or human rights, they will be metaphorically bludgeoned (just watch what happens to the Supreme Court in the US). But that's okay, they're only values, and anyone's values are just as good as the next person's, and there's no such thing as objective truth. As evidenced by the last few days, lots of people readily embrace totalitarianism and happily surrender their moral compass and values, even when they are no idea what they're being offered in return, even when it will make their own lives worse.

    It's so easy it's a wonder no one in the West has tried it before. They didn't realise how compliant is their audience.

  7. Ha! British colonization positioned as human rights? Nooo, I don't think anyone ever tried that one on!

    By your thinking, there should be no human rights, as it's all self interest, therefore, each man, woman and child for themselves, and fuck social cohesion or connection or shared interests, because there aren't any.

    In fact, I think you're going to get what you want!

    1. Anonymous9:46 PM

      "There are many other examples over the years where self interest is wrapped up in a cloak of decency or doing good." - "decency or doing good" is not human rights per se.

      I did not write that Empire was about human rights, the empire was anti-human rights was it not? Empire was about organised violence, theft and quite often mass murder, stuff that would not have been approved by many of the British plebs, so better to put a more "noble" spin on the adventure such as civilizing those lesser souls.

      As I don't have a dog in this Clinton Trump contest I must admit I find it curious that so many Clinton supporters are so aggressively disappointed by her demise. Trump was democratically elected but for some reason many democrats are crying tears of blood and some are resorting to demonstrations, even violence. Manipulated or just sore losers?

      I wonder if this has anything to do with it"

      "Billionaire globalist financier George Soros’ has been revealed to be a driving force behind the organizing of nationwide protests against the election of Donald Trump — exposing the protests to largely be an organized, top-down operation — and not an organic movement of concerned Americans taking to the streets as reported by the mainstream media. -Free Thought Project"

      And this is interesting, but a little bit one sided when it comes to Hillary being the divisive one:

      This is by far the WORST campaign in history and it was all orchestrated by Hillary to be intentionally divisive for the nation all to win the presidency at all costs.

      And now I think I know what is going to make America great again: law suits, lots of them hehe

      "An exclusive USA TODAY analysis of legal filings across the United States finds that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his businesses have been involved in at least 3,500 legal actions in federal and state courts during the past three decades. They range from skirmishes with casino patrons to million-dollar real estate suits to personal defamation lawsuits."

      All good fun, lies and deception - that's politics.


  8. Anonymous7:56 PM

    “I’m certain the poll-directed insiders are sure things will default to policy as soon as the conventions are over, but I think not. And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly.”

    Compliance is the name of the game Caz as revealed: "and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry" writes Bill Ivey — Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts under President Bill Clinton - to John Podesta (Chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign).

    That's what the corporate media is all about: to help politicians in getting the plebs to champion their own demise, their own debt inflicted voluntary servitude - it's been going on for yonks.

    The sad thing is that the plebs are fighting the wrong battle - the left versus right, my team is better than your team, this is the kiddies battle, the real battle is all of us plebs (the many) against greedy bastards (the few) - the psychopaths controlling the central banks, the media and our politicians. Sadly the plebs are far too easily distracted to research or understand the great game, the long game - the game of global dominance that has been going on for generations.


    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” ― Frédéric Bastiat