November 23, 2016

All growed up

Now that he is POTUS elect, Donald Trump is suddenly acting like a grown up.

Since the president-elect is known for being a rational, mild-mannered man not at all prone to lashing out over perceived slights in a manner more befitting a three year-old than the soon-to-be Commander in Chief, it seems crazy that he would react like a sixth-grader spreading rumors about a girl who turned him down for the holiday dance. (Or, perhaps more accurately, like a real estate tycoon spurned by a well-known Italian model.) But if this is how it's gonna be, Mitt Romney had better accept that Secretary of State job unless he wants to walk into the boy’s bathroom and see “For a good time call Mitt” and his home phone number scrawled across one of the stalls. 
 Trump trash talks Jamie Dimon

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