January 21, 2016

Word of the Year 2015 announced!

The Committee's Choice for Word of the Year 2015 goes to... captain's call.

Now I have a bone to pick with the word of the year committee: isn't it captain's pick, not captain's call?

Oh, and the word of the year is TWO words! This is not the first time that word of the year has not been a word, singular.
captain's call

noun a decision made by a political or business leader without consultation with colleagues.

Captain’s call perfectly encapsulates what happened in Australia over the past year. There has been an interesting change in usage; an infrequent item of the jargon of cricket makes the leap into politics and is now being used generally with an ironic tinge to it that is very Australian.

Honourable Mentions
The Committee would like to give honourable mention to...


noun an urban male who wishes to associate himself by his appearance with a rugged outdoors way of life,
as by wearing outdoor clothes such as check shirts, jeans and large boots combined with a beard as typical of a lumberjack.

It used to be all about women’s fashions, but the words are now being dominated more and more by those related to men’s fashion. Lumbersexual is an organic phenomenon that someone has identified and named. It is a neat coinage and perfectly describes this style that peaked in Australia over the past year.


noun Colloquial a designated driver. Also, deso driver.

The idea of deso is very topical. It combines a drinking culture with that of a law-abiding society. The word structure itself is typically Australian – a shortened form with an -o ending. It is astonishing how quickly and smoothly the deso became part of our lives.

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