January 31, 2016

The model, the media moguls and Mariah: a match made in media heaven

Annabel Crabb captures the community spirit of the Packer/Carey and Murdock/Hall engagements.

Moguls who have made their dough in tabloid media are rarely uncontroversial. But you really have to rise and salute when they decide to put a little back into the entertainment ecosystem.

Which is why I dedicate this column in grateful thanks to Mr Rupert Murdoch and Mr James Packer who – selflessly and without a thought for themselves – deliver so much pleasure to so many simply by choosing to marry amusing people.

Take Mr Murdoch, first. It takes a certain kind of mogul to preside over an empire in which the phone-stalking of Peter Andre is in any way central to the business model.
Turning to James Packer for a moment, one is of course forced to acknowledge that he is no longer a media mogul in the technical sense. But his deep commitment to popular content generation is beyond compare. I don't know if I can think of any series of paparazzi biffo snaps that has provided more shouts of joy than the action shots of Mr Packer, in 2014, deep in a Dad-scrabble with his mate David Gyngell while clad in an expensive but tragically gravity-susceptible pair of silk and cashmere trackie dacks.

But those trifling capers were as nothing compared to the hillbilly-heroin rush of pleasure to be derived from any Google image search incorporating the terms "James Packer" and "Mariah Carey". Now add the term "Halloween", and tell me I'm wrong.

The model, the media moguls and Mariah: a match made in media heaven

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