December 9, 2015

1.1 million Americans shot dead in 35 years

Today Show presenter Peter Stefanovic stunned his co-host Lisa Wilkinson by revealing a staggering fact on America's gun deaths.

On Wednesday's morning show a tribute to Beatles legend John Lennon was shown from New York on what was the 35th anniversary since his death. 

After the footage Stefanovic said 'there's been 1.1 million U.S. citizens to have died from guns since John Lennon was murdered' in 1980.

The fact shocked Wilkinson, who appeared lost for words, and uttered 'oh really' and 'gee'.



  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Not quite - apparently it was 1.15 million:

    It makes you wonder just how many only end up wounded

    They may as well give guns to bloody monkeys:


  2. The wounded? Well, it would have to be many multiples of that number, J. Much like the road toll, it's the deaths that are published, not the life long brain injuries, broken bodies, trauma, and so on. There must be many, many millions in the US who are the wounded.

  3. I recall a comment made by a concerned black American guy after the Sandy Hook Massacre..

    "Americans care more about their guns than their children! "

    That comment stuck with me.

    This entrenched gun culture has desensitized the Americans.

  4. The latest rounds of mass murder in the US resulted in increased guy buying by Americans. Yep, that's the irrational outcome of a gun culture. And yet, there are no examples of anyone whipping out their handgun and stopping or preventing a mass shooting in the US.