October 17, 2015

The white man in that photo

 3 October 2015

Today marks the 9th anniversary of Peter Norman’s passing. We want to commemorate him by publishing this text written by Italian writer Riccardo Gazzaniga, who allowed us to share the story of the Australian sprinter on Griot.

And two black American men, John Carlos & Tommie Smith, in that photo carrying Peter Norman's coffin.  Very moving. 



  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I never knew any of that, very interesting and somewhat touching thanks Caz.


  2. I'm sure I've never heard the story, didn't know the name Peter Norman. Australian athletics did a great job of white washing him from sporting history. What a difficult and sad life he was forced to lead. It's hard to understand that, back then, supporting equal rights was considered shocking ... a white person seen to be supporting those rights, I mean. It's incomprehensible. But there is Norman, a sporting career and his entire life shat upon, for doing precisely that.

    'Somewhat touching', hey. :--D

    I thought it incredible that Carlos and Smith came all the way to Oz for the funeral, a beautiful gesture. His country damned and forgot him, but those two men didn't, which I thought was nice. They didn't have to fly half way around the world, but they did. Whatever bullshit comments there have been about the FB post by Gazzaniga, and gawd, there have been plenty of idiot opinions, it's Carlos and Smith who get to judge, and they evidently never forgot Norman, and thought more highly of that little white man than the modern day commenters, who can't begin to fathom or empathize. A different time, a different place.