October 17, 2015

The white man in that photo

 3 October 2015

Today marks the 9th anniversary of Peter Norman’s passing. We want to commemorate him by publishing this text written by Italian writer Riccardo Gazzaniga, who allowed us to share the story of the Australian sprinter on Griot.

And two black American men, John Carlos & Tommie Smith, in that photo carrying Peter Norman's coffin.  Very moving. 


October 11, 2015

Say it isn't so

Corduroy making a comeback for adults? 

"A range of corduroy appeared in the fall-winter 2015 fashion shows, including a trench coat in “jumbo cord” on the runway for the English brand Burberry Prorsum. But corduroy pants, such as the drawstring joggers shown by the Japanese brand Sacai, are probably the easiest item to incorporate into a new fall wardrobe.

Other men’s designers, including Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Boglioli, have come up with modern takes on the corduroy pant.

Adding texture to a given outfit, like a mohair knit shirt or a stonewashed denim jacket, lends the waled pants that tinge of youthful spirit evident on the runway."

The durability of the fabric has another bonus. “The more you wear corduroys, the more beautiful they get,” he said."

Is “Huh?” a Universal Word? Conversational Infrastructure and the Convergent Evolution of Linguistic Items

"Huh" is a universal word.  Of course it is, what would we do without it?


It's ok - you don't HAVE to meditate!

If you don’t meditate, there’s no need to stress out about it.

Yeah for that!

"In fact, in some situations, meditation may be harmful: Willoughby Britton, a Brown University Medical School professor, has discovered numerous cases of traumatic meditation experiences that intensify anxiety, reduce focus and drive, and leave people feeling incapacitated.

Evangelists, it’s time to stop judging. The next time you meet people who choose not to meditate, take a deep breath and let us relax in peace."


October 6, 2015

Extreme Do-Gooders

A line from Clive James’s memoir “North Face of Soho” comes to mind. He quotes the journalist Katherine Whitehorn: “You can recognize the people who live for others by the haunted look on the faces of the others.”

But her questions are probing, including this one: “Is it possible for a person to hold himself to unforgiving standards without becoming unforgiving?”
   Review: Larissa MacFarquhar - ‘Strangers Drowning’