October 17, 2014

ABC unhinged

Unbiased, sure - it's been proven (ha!) - but unhinged, definitely.

Our ABC, still hard at work:
Looking forward to reading the book and congratulations to Richard Flanagan. It is a pity the ABC News with Juanita, massively overpaid talking head, Phillips devalued the author's win by saying in the headlines at the start of the news that the author was "ashamed to be an Australian...... because of Tony Abbot's environment policy". The actual news footage at the awards ceremony in London did not have the author making any such comment. However, the ABC found film footage from a different interview (date not supplied) where the author very briefly mentioned Australias environmental policy. It is tragic that the ABC would use such a rare and prestigious win by an Australian author to score points against Tony Abbot. Shame on you ABC and especially your head of news Kate Torney for doing so.
 Richard Flanagan war novel provides answer to book of the year question

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