January 3, 2014

Depraved dictatorship

Blind drunk with power, and blindly insane - Kim Jong-Un is a dispcable person, a depraved and sick man. 

I continue to be dumb-founded that this man (more a lunatic boy, and many decades ahead of him, unfortunately) is the leader of a country with a larger population than Australia. 

Try to imagine being one of the 24 million people held captive - for that's what they are - in North Korea. 

How Kim Jong-Un executed his uncle with starving dogs


  1. Was it Clinton (or Carter [cursed be his name]) who pumped billions in aid into North Korea, keeping this vile regime alive, in exchange for a promise that they would stop trying to develop nuclear weapons?

    And then they set one off. And fired a missile over Japan just to prove the point.

    Did I say North Korea? and Carter [cursed be his name]?

    I meant Iran. And Obama. with Secretary of State Stan Laurel bringing up the rear. .

  2. Don't see anyone intervening in North Korea any time soon.

    There are, in some regards, many people worse off right now (eg Syria), but who gives a rat's hey?

    Sad old world.

    Pick your fights, pick your wars - I wonder why those choices are never examined, questioned (oh, other than the knee jerk ... we shouldn't have gone there ... ) - what of the places we should have gone?

  3. Don't see anyone intervening in North Korea.

    Sad old world.

    Pick your fights, pick your wars ... what's the basis of those decisions ...