October 6, 2013


 Chopper Read, back in the day.


  1. I have read one of Chopper's book.

    I think it was his first. From memory it was called "Chopper".

    That's about all I remember.

  2. Did you know he was the nephew of "Dr Right". The guy who has a syndicated medical column for decades.

  3. There was also the film, "Chopper", staring Eric Banner.

    You mean Dr Wright? I had no idea! (Last time I saw Dr Wright, on the telly, was sometime during the last year, in which his only daughter alleged that he was a tight arse and had cut her and her children out of his life; had kicked her out of home when she was young ... or something like that, don't quite remember what it was all about, but I'm sure it was Dr Wright - he's pretty old now.)

    I know I would have been frightened if confronted with a man in high wasted jeans and a crew neck jumper neatly tucked into his jeans - with or without a gun.

    1. Yep. That's the guy. Dr Wright. Chopper's uncle.

      Dr Wright owns scores of apartments on the Gold Coast that he bought up cheap during one of the property busts. He rents them out to homeless people, some of whom are ... ahem ... unsavoury, for peppercorn rents. Therefore he is in permanent conflict with building managers whose job it is to hire out other units to tourists on behalf of other owners.

  4. Anonymous10:15 PM

    He's finished, no hemlock, no wisdom, he's gone. A life almost totally wasted. No one will miss him, except for his wife, and his kids.

    I don't care if it rains or freezes


    PS that was what he wanted on his head stone.

  5. I would add that his manager will miss him too, but maybe a short term spike in book sales will ease his grief.

  6. And more death bed confessions, it seems. 60 Minutes got the scoop.

    Seems that Dr Wright has a strange sense of morality, Geofffff.