September 9, 2013

More wash out

The ABC asks the big questions:  'Is it time for Kevin Rudd to quit politics'.

Well, yes, yes it is time.

However, word has it that Rudd has no intention of going anywhere other than straight back to parliament.  This is staggering, unfathomable, if true. 

Australian Greens leader, Christine Milne, refuses to accept any responsibility for a reduction in the Green vote - it's the fault of the ALP and a lack of support from the environmental movement, apparently. 

The whopping 27 per cent drop in support looks like leading to, alas, more Greens in parliament.  Okay, only one more, but that's one too many.

Fearless Clive Palmer, leader of the PUP, has already declared that Tony Abbott owes him - Palmer is taking credit for getting the LNP over the line.

I'm king maker, says Clive Palmer

*Rolls eyes*
LNP star candidate Bill Glasson has labelled Kevin Rudd churlish, sanctimonious, disrespectful and a smart-arse after the deposed prime minister used his concession speech to brag about victory in his own seat. 
Giving his speech on Saturday night, Mr Rudd said: "It would be un-prime ministerial of me to say, 'Bill Glasson, eat your heart out,' so I won't."
The entire 24 minutes of Rudd's speech was shameless.

Kevin Rudd slammed for gloat

How the grown ups got back in charge:

Just after Tony Abbott's frustratingly fruitless victory in the 2010 election campaign, Liberal pollster and strategist Mark Textor presented party director Brian Loughnane with a paper entitled "A campaign for grown-ups by grown-ups". 
Being grown-up became the central theme of a three-year strategy in which four principals with their own distinct roles and talents worked towards Saturday night's "overnight success" of the election of the "unpopular" and "unelectable" Liberal leader as prime minister.

'Grown up' tactics trump negativity for coalition


  1. Strange thing

    Clive Palmer, Bill Glasson and I are the same age and we went to the same residential college in the early seventies. Union College UQ.

    Bill I remember well. A good bloke. Palmer not so much. I have an echo of a memory but that's it. Maybe that's because Bill and I graduated.

  2. Got me flummoxed, Geoffff.

    Now Palmer is going to run in the states.

    Good fooking grief.

    A little bit of power is a dangerous thing.

    What was it, in the asinine PUP advertising (yes, there's a simple and wrong solution for everything)that appealed to so many voters, or are they just stupid?

    1. There's something scary about Palmer. Sure he's a populist but its worse than that. It's the stamp of the bully. "I'm big rich and powerful so do as I say or be sued"

      Might is right.

      He doesn't even pretend to be a democrat. He is the party. The party is Clive. The company is Clive. What is good for Clive is good for the party. What is good for the party is good for the company.

      Strange thing. In the letter box a week out from the election was a plastic wrapped envelope with his election material. It included a DVD with all his speeches and a tagline for Titanic II as bait. It was as if it was a free give away movie. It must have cost a fortune.

      Only thing is it listed all the PUP candidates in all the QLD electorates and the PUP QLD Senate candidate. But I don't live in QLD. Close enough to be included as QLD as far as Telstra is concerned (a lot of phone numbers have 07 prefix), or KFC for promotions , but still not QLD . Certainly not for electoral purposes. So a very strange mistake that could not be made by political professionals on the ground. The sort of mistake that can only be made by a distant bureaucracy.

    2. Mind you, in the cold light of dawn, much prefer a PUP MP to another Green

      Do need to keep our perspective

    3. Palmer is a lunatic Geoffff, I don't see the difference between him and a loopy deluded Green.

      He will be distracting and damaging, just as are most of the Greens, just as was Family First, just as was Pauline Hanson.

      Of course, the MSM, and nowadays, online twits, contribute hugely to giving centrality to two-bit players in politics.

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    PUP Palmer will at best will provide a little entertainment within our political menagerie, or at worst nod off to sleep upon the green leather.

    It's the two bloody senators PP controls that will be the problem: Lazarus the fumbling footy player and some sheila from Tassie - saw her on TV and I think she's auntie Tess's second cousin, and first aunt, as well as her youngest sister, and sister-in-law.

    That's always been the problem with democracy - it has the possibility of going Tasmanian, which is unfortunate for those who aren't.


    1. Alas, I don't find him in the least bit entertaining, iJustin.


      His lady-recruit in Tassie seems to have a lot of ideas of her own. That will be interesting.