August 21, 2013

Rock and hard place

Consider the equation before voters. On one side is a two-term government racked by spectacular hatreds, dragged low by broken promises on carbon and the surplus, various program failures, and a worsening economy. It campaigns for ''a new way'' but offers a recycled leader once dumped and then viciously traduced by his own side. This gaffer-taped operation is asking voters for three more years.
On the other side is an opposition famed for its negativity and woefully small-horizon thinking, yet uncannily united and consistent. Its leader, while prone to the odd verbal gaffe - his female candidates have ''sex appeal'' - enjoys unqualified support internally.

Little wonder, then, that in a choice between Labor's incendiary internal chaos, which might or might not be behind it, and the Coalition's ground-dwelling but unified ordinariness, the latter is appealing to more voters.
While the 2010 federal election campaign was chaotic and absurd (can anyone ever forget the unveiling of the 'real Julia', who was awfully busy moving everything forward?), come 2013, things are tied, ugly and enervating.  Nonetheless, on September 8, we will all wake up to a new government.  We will get one or the other, and neither one or the other is anywhere near as good as we deserve.

Ground control to major Kev, sorry you're a goner


  1. I can't believe even what remains of Fairfax journalists are coming out against sad pathetic little Krudd.

    I can't believe I have never been so interested in an election outcome since I was a party worker for the ALP.

    I can't believe how much I dislike Bob Carr. Not since Joh Bjelke-Petersen have I wanted so much to see a politician come an enormous cropper for the sake of the country and the world.

    As for Krudd? Janet Albrechtson has a column that makes a good case that the ALP MP who called him psychopath was right on the mark. He displays all the symptoms. Right down to the smile that lasts just a little too long.

  2. Yes Geoffff, it's all a tad too disturbing to pay close attention to; I fear if I did, I might think I was losing my mind.

    "Right down to the smile that lasts just a little too long."

    Indeed, everything about Kev lasts a little bit too long.

    See my video - the decapitated snake biting itself, which I subsequently realised was an analogy for K.Rudd's political career.