May 27, 2013

When a scandal is covered, does no one know it's a scandal?

Australia's most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, has admitted the fear of scandal led to cover-up in the church.
How's that working out for you?
He said former Melbourne archbishop Sir Frank Little was involved in a cover-up and a former Ballarat archbishop destroyed documents.

He denied he personally covered up offending.

Of course. 
"Many in the church did not understand just what damage was being done to the victims."
How?  How could anyone not understand?  In the church and across the nation?  Children and women (subsumed into a singular grouping, in the traditional manner) continue to be disbelieved when it comes to abuse. This is not unique to organised religion, although organised religions and other institutions with responsibility for the care of children have raised denial and hand-wringing to an art form.

George Pell: fear of scandal let to cover up

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