May 12, 2013

Same old, same old

Senior cabinet minister Greg Combet has attacked some of his Labor Party colleagues as ''whingers'' in an angry and expletive-laden speech to supporters and donors, expressing his frustration at insiders undermining the government's prospects in the September federal election.

At a party fund-raising dinner last Monday, Mr Combet delivered a withering critique of the doomsayers in his own party, insisting too many people were displaying a defeatist attitude in this election year.

Several attendees at the Labor dinner told Fairfax Media the Climate Change Minister delivered not only an impassioned speech, but one that was also angry and full of colourful language, which began by attacking external critics but then rounded on whingers inside the party.
It's always someone else's  fault.  Where is Kev Rudd when you need someone to blame?  Now it's everyone else, on the inside, "undermining" the Labor Government.  It's not the policies, it's not the economic mismanagement, it's not the dismissive, condescending, deflecting, sly political style of Julia Gillard, it's not the damaging deals done with the Greens - it's everything and everyone else. 

Nice team work from Combet though.  Real nice.  Should do a world of good for party morale.  Yep, the audience, apparently, found the whole thing a great rallying cry.  Yep, the ALP have turned a corner, suddenly believing - with no evidence - that they can win the September election. 

Combet blasts ALP whingers.

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