May 30, 2013

Let's get this straight: this is exactly what racism looks like

Remember Steve Vizard?  He had a moment.

Remember Glenn Wheatley?  He had a moment.

This, I think, is turning into Eddie McGuire's moment.  No volume of unreserved *support* from his club, Collingwood, is going to put the egg together again.
Racism? We don't get it, because there are no consequences for being an ignorant, smug arsehole in this country.

Had Eddie McGuire made his King Kong remark on US radio, he would not work in the American mainstream media again. Game over, Ed. Buy a yacht.
You turn on American TV, there's black folks everywhere. Last year, they had an NFL panel show on a major network with a black host and FOUR black panellists. No token white guy.

You make a King Kong statement like Eddie McGuire did in that studio, you've got 25 people in the newsroom who are gonna press you against the lift doors and tell you why you're a maggot and you need to LEARN. FAST.
Sam de Brito nails it, in his usual cut through the crap manner

When you've finished with Sam's lacerating and clear sighted rant, consider world famous actor Forest Whitakerbeing stopped in a Manhattan delicatessen by an employee and accused of being a shoplifter (and then frisked).   And then let Ta-Nehisi Coates
spell it out for you (and me), in case you're still not getting it: 
The other day I walked past this particular deli. I believe its owners to be good people. I felt ashamed at withholding business for something far beyond the merchant’s reach. I mentioned this to my wife. My wife is not like me. When she was 6, a little white boy called her cousin a nigger, and it has been war ever since. “What if they did that to your son?” she asked. 

And right then I knew that I was tired of good people, that I had had all the good people I could take. 


  1. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Yeah, iJustin got called a pale pathetic pig by a white fella once. I've hated white fellas ever since, except the ones I like.

    1. So I take you're a signup for the "Apes and Pigs" Alliance?

  2. I on the other hand have never been able to see the insult in being called an ape. Apes are loyal, friendly, considerate, self sufficient, highly intelligent, peace loving and carbon neutral.

    In my neck of the jungle it's being called a "human" that is the mortal insult.

  3. This comment from a guy called Richard in Melbourne sums up my feelings on the matter.

    "Racial Vilification .. a public act that encourages or incites others to hate people because of their race, nationality, country of origin, colour or ethnic origin...
    Attorney-General of Western Australia Jim McGinty commented that "The laws are not about cracking down on name calling. What they are about is racial hatred in the most vile and serious of manners." (straight cut n'paste from Wiki)
    Notice that bit about "inciting hate"... as in "intending to encourage hate.."

    Can anybody explain to me how Eddy Everywhere (who I have no affection for) has done any of above? I do not care that he has "accepted" that he has "racially vilified" anybody by what was a silly and crass remark, as I know all too well how people can be coerced into saying things by shifty "friends" and "advisers", things which are then twisted to used against them.

    It is quite believable that he was just referring to the guy's size and not intending any "disrespect" whatsoever. Does this mean that I can no longer call my overweight English friends 'fat whinging poms'? Love to see that enforced. It is worth remembering in all these histrionics that humans belong to the Family Hominidae or the Great Apes.
    There is far too much nannying going on in Australia today, almost all of it driven by the Thought Police of the legal profe$$ion and those who gain authority over others by exploiting well intended (perhaps) but draconian legislation of human interactions."

    Eddie, as much as I deplore him, is not a racist. This was not racial vilification.
    The over reaction to to Eddie's stupid gaff is unbelievable.

    I listened to the radio replay of the incident. I don't think even Eddie really understood what he wanted to say. He was inarticulate and realized in a few seconds the huge mistake he had made.

    Gosh! Anyone would think Eddie was a member of the Ku Klux Klan! Sheesh.

    As for using America as a benchmark? Let's not go there. There is a lot about that country that is NOT to like. The level of extreme racism.. Extreme feminism.. Gun happy nutters who refuse to accept gun control laws, even though the incidence of gun deaths are steadily increasing.

    My own father who was the son of Italian immigrants, was often called dago, slimy wog, ding etc... Treated with OPEN contempt by many. At the Catholic boys school he attended he was mocked and shamed by one particular Brother, who told him that he (my Dad) would never amount to anything.

    How did my Dad react? By proving him and all other detractors WRONG.

    He built up a successful business, married and had four kids. He became a respected member of the community. Did a lot of charity work.. Helped others who were less fortunate than he.
    He had a particular soft spot for the group of Aboriginal people who would hang about behind his Barber shop.( Yes he was a Barber, his father pulled him out of school at 14 and told him that's what he would become . At 23 he started his own business)

    He treated them with dignity and kindness.. Even giving free haircuts to those who said they had no money.. And more often than not those same people would return his kindness and trust by coming back at a later date to pay him.

    Too much has been made of this incident.. The best response to petty insults is to ignore them, as Goodes should have done.
    This was not a case of racial vilification.

    Others have made this ALL about racism.

  4. As far as I know the AFL's racial and religious vilification code is a self-policing standard, not a vilification law.

    Vilification simply means derogatory national stereotypes or any other such abuse.

    Our vilification law, on the other hand, has a whole other definition - and, many have argued, is wholly too broad or open to misapplication. I don't think anyone is seriously suggesting Eddie should be arrested and charged under that law, though I don't doubt every lawyer in the county will be happy to be quoted (it's good publicity), despite the AFL code and the laws of our country are not (yet) one and the same thing.