May 24, 2013

Instant federal funding

This is 2013.  In 2016 Ford Australia will stop making cars here.  Ford has accepted more than a billion dollars from you and me to prop up their factories over the last decade or so.  Upon hearing the announcement of Ford's final demise, the federal government promptly promised $39 million dollars to help the 1200 workers who will lose their jobs.  I've always thought it was a company's legal responsibility to pay out redundant staff, according to the relevant industrial award, and provide professional assistance to see them on their way to their next endevours.

Yesterday, 2500 cleaners, mostly in Queensland, lost their jobs, as the company they worked announced that they couldn't pay their staff ... so, as these things go, the company that employed them went karput.

No government announcements expressing concern or solidarity with the cleaners, no millions of dollars to help 2500 workers and their families, who were not given three years notice to save, plan or find a new job.  No, not for the cleaners a tax payer funded helping hand (unless you count the generous $35 a day that we give to the unemployed), and no government assistance into a fullfilling new career.

Poor buggers.  I wish them a whole lot of luck.  The cleaners, I mean.

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