May 27, 2013

Evidence: getting out of bed shortens life

He's 116 years old, he knows a thing of two: 

Mr Kimura retired in 1962 aged 65, after working for 45 years in the Japanese post office. He now lives in Kyō¯tango, Kyoto Prefecture, with his eldest son's widow, 83, and his grandson's widow, 59, and attributes his long life to eating small portions of food, and admits to spending most of his time ''in bed''.
Last man standing from the 19th century


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    So did Errol Flynn, spend most of his time in bed, but he died at 49.

    Maybe he ate too much, too often.


  2. He might have (so the myth goes) had a lot of sex, but where is the evidence he spent a lot of time in bed?