April 13, 2013

Oh jeez

Can Abbott's team really piss away a certain victory?  If this is an indication on what they'll take to the ballot box and how they plan to rule - you bet! 
Instead of fibre to the premises, the Coalition would deliver fibre to the node and rely on Telstra's existing copper telephone line to cover the last few hundred metres into a building.

The Coalition's cheaper and slower alternative to Labor's national broadband network has been labelled a ''nonsense'' by experts, who argue it will put Australia behind the rest of the world.

The Coalition will buy back Telstra's copper network and use it as an integral part of its alternative national broadband policy.
But Geoff Huston, chief scientist of regional internet registry Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre and a former Telstra employee, said: ''What [the Coalition] is trying to say is 'what we do now on the internet is what we will do in the next 30 years'.

''What stupid nonsense! What we were doing 30 years ago modems could handle,'' Mr Huston said. ''I would side with the view that this [policy] is indeed a lemon.'
 Turnbull takes slow lane

Copper key to coalition's network plan

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