April 5, 2013

Gina and Ginia Eat Cake

Melbourne artist Warren Lane has won the $7500 Bald Archy first prize with The Banquet of Gina and Ginia, a painting that depicts the mining billionaire eating chocolate cake as her favoured daughter looks on.


  1. OK so what have we got here.

    Gina is bare footed and there's a pile of bullion under the table. She has a crown on her lap and a face full of chocolate cake that looks like dried blood or something and the cake on the table appears untouched. Her fingers however have obviously been in something.

    There's a copy of the Age on the table.

    Hmmm. What could it all mean?

    I think it means they don't like her.

  2. I think they didn't paint the painting, nor award the winning ribbon.

    I also suspect the painting depicts Gina having already eaten one cake ... must be prepping to eat the second.

    Or maybe she's only toying with the cake, not planning to eat it.

  3. Nahhh. I don't buy that.

    The painting reflects a quite distinct social class and its world view . It does that exquisitely. That was my immediate reaction. It says more about the painter than the paintee.

    And they painted it. The whole class. Yep. That's what that painting means. No doubt about it. That's art. Go figure.

  4. Maybe she's supposed to be Marie Antoinette on backyard steroids. She let them eat the first cake.

  5. Can't figure out what Ginia is supposed to be doing.

    It's all a bit "here Mummy, I bought you cake and a newspaper, and popped a few gold bars under the table".

    Which makes no particular sense.

    The distinct social class, of which you speak, is nowadays those at Gina's end, surely. Everyone else thinks they're middle class and are pretty sure they're doing better than their next door neighbour.

  6. She is supposed to be the heroine Esther warning the king of Persia about a vile plot. Death by chocolate.

    But she's too late. Hence the venerable festival of Purim when every body gutzes till they plutzes.

  7. I'm glad you noted that it's too late to warn of the vile plot ... self evidently too late!

    Although Esther's presence in the painting is redundant.

  8. Anonymous3:32 PM

    It is a very short table - or Gina likes to eat at the kiddies table.

    A painting motivated by the wrong stuff?

    All it says is Gina eats cake at the (kiddies) table with her daughter's full approval, while she has heaps of wealth - nothing knew.

    But maybe daughter is feeding her up with unhealthy stuff (Rose did same to Lang from some reports) and hope the rich bitch will die soon - and then the real cake fight begins - a very big cake and heaps of knives.

    The Dugite Dy-nasty - should be a good watch.


  9. Now I remember the name of the distinct social class of which we speak. Guardian readers. That's it. People who read the Guardian and openly admit it without any consciousness at all about how much they have just stigmatised themselves.


    Readers of the Guardian. Yuk. British Guardian readers are a cognitive dissonant horror too far. Australian Guardian readers are worse. An abomination too many.

    That painting was painted by Guardian readers for a judging panel of other Guardian readers. A whole herd of them.

  10. So what you're saying is that the British painted Gina gorging on cake?

    I would have thought Swann or Shorten, but perhaps they're furtive Guardian readers.