April 25, 2013

Comedic Gold

Australians look set to vote in a referendum on whether the Constitution should formally recognise local government as the Gillard government forges ahead with plans to put the question at the September 14 federal election. 

The Australian understands an approach has been made to Tony Abbott on behalf of the government on the issue and the Opposition Leader has indicated he would support the referendum.

Following the approach there is now an expectation there will be a referendum on the issue.

However, despite federal bi-partisan support, at least two states are likely to oppose the question, setting the scene for a referendum showdown in parallel with the federal election campaign.

A spokesman for Local Government Minister Anthony Albanese said as a matter of principle the government supported constitutional recognition of local government.
This change to the Constitution was unsuccessfully tried by both the Hawke and Whitlam Labor governments.

Yes.  That's two fails.  So Gillard is going to give it a third whirl (allegedly) at a general election that will be one of the most game-changing in Australia's history.  As diversionary tactics go, it's up their with the antics of the Three Stooges. 

Referendum likely with September 14 federal poll


  1. So if the constitution does not recognise Local Government, why does my wallet have to?

  2. Write to your local council:

    *here* and *here*.

    They value your letter and will be in touch shortly.