February 22, 2013

When even your best friends turn

Graham (whatever it takes) Richo has been a consistent critic of the Gillard Government, and of Wayne Swan, and of Julia Gillard.  Also consistently factual, as far as facts go within commentariat-land.

This week, perhaps miffed that all of his old-age advice has gone unheeded, Richo has resorted to joining the "Gillard's gotta go" brigade. 

Most likely though, she will hang on and try to tough it out. With all those who hate Rudd clustered around her in praetorian guard formation, a confused, conflicted caucus might acquiesce to her survival. Numbers have been hard to come by for the Rudd team.

This would mean that the legacy Gillard leaves behind would be the near destruction of the modern Labor Party. That is how bad I believe Labor's position has become. Some of the PM's backers are among my closest friends and this column may well strain those relationships. It would be worth the price to see Labor back in the game, being taken seriously, and a force for good in Australian politics.
More old-age advice.  Oh dear.  Richo is going to be disappointed, again.

As for his belief that "this is how bad" the pitiful politics of the ALP has become:  he's old, he's slow, it's taken him a while to catch up with everyone else.  Him and nearly every journalist in the country.  Well, except the wonderful Michelle Grattan, who retired just in time for her weekly cheer-a-thon for Gillard and the ALP to pass from the political landscape with dignity.

The long running series, Ruddton Abbey and the World of Hurt, with all new episodes, interspersed with an awful lot of repeats, coming soon.

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