February 2, 2013

Reasons not to take health advice from the MSM

Hyped-up media coverage of breast cancer is horribly misguided. Year-round pinkness and chirpy survival stories can have appalling unintended consequences.

More men in Australia die from prostate cancer than women who die from breast cancer.  You knew that, yes?

Most breast cancers are survivable, although not because of any miraculous will to live on the part of the patient, or from a meditation regime, or from eating/drinking weird concoctions.  Put simply, most breast cancers do not kill if found and treated in the usual barbaric manner, inclusive of superfluous chemotherapy.

Not only for breast cancer, more widely, the main stream media has an awful lot to answer for when it comes to reporting on nutrition, health, and medicine.
... doctors say many women are not making such informed decisions. Last month, University of Michigan researchers reported on a study of more than 1,446 women who had breast cancer. Four years after their diagnosis, 35 percent were considering removing their healthy breast and 7 percent had already done so.
Notably, most of the women who had a double mastectomy were not at high risk for a cancer recurrence. In fact, studies suggest that most women who have double mastectomies never seek genetic testing or counseling.
This is a decision no woman should be making, no doctor or surgeon should be supporting, and no media outlet should promote - usually with awe at the courage and determination of the woman deciding to cut off a body part for no confirmed medical reason.

If there was a group of people wanting to cut of a limb or have a kidney removed, just on the off-chance, they'd be referred for treatment of a mental health problem, not encouraged and supported by another person wielding a scalpel.

We should be demanding evidence based medicine.

We should be demanding evidence based reporting.

(And then there are the tens of thousands of women treated for breast cancer, which they don't have:  Prone to error)

Facing cancer, a stark choice 


  1. The only reason more men die from prostate cancer than women who die from breast cancer is there is a national shortage of Asian women doctors with small fingers

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