February 22, 2013

If the glove fits ...

Oscar Pistorius's bedroom and ensuite:  reconstruction
Oscar's Bedroom


  1. OJ Pistorius is as guilty as hell

    What a piece of filth

    Fuck the trial. Hang the bastard.

    He has earned the undying enmity of all men everywhere. Who among us would not give an arm and a leg for a girlfriend like that?

    He thought there was an intruder so he shot the girl on the toilet? That's his defence?

    The man hasn't got a leg to stand on.

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Mmmm, if he called out to his girlfriend to call the cops (before he pulled the trigger) then why would he have shot through the bathroom door? Surely, if that be the case, then she would have immediately replied and told to go back to bed.


  3. Geoffff - I think you might be the first person to make jokes about this, but yes, nice effort! :-D

    Justin - yes, there IS that. Then there's whether he thought a burglar come through the open balcony door, or was it the bathroom window - and whether burglars normally go to the toilet prior to setting out to work. Why upon waking up did he immediately think someone had come in through the window? Is this a common occurrence, a usual concern?

    I think the legs on / legs off is important, for a mix of reasons. There's only two possibilities: he's lying about that, or he's telling the truth. Sure, if in a panic, a man might grab his gun and take the risk that he can take on a potentially tall intruder. On the other hand, if you have a sharp enough head to remember to grab the gun, why not consider the consequences of being a foot or more shorter than usual, and take away that disadvantage. Stop for a minute, put on the legs, if you really don't know what you're about to confront.

    Why lie about the leg thing? I don't know. I figure the trajectory of bullets - high, low, angled or not angled? - might prove or disprove his claims about the legs. Apparently the bullets were high. If so, why?

    Evidence that will never see the light: details of the bodies location - at that time that young woman still alive - he removed her from the scene, carried her out of the house. That's important. Was she crouching behind the door, in the corner, or going to the toilet?

    As I said to Kath, it's like the 'baggage handler did it". Possible, yes. Probably, no. Plausible, no.

    He has a wily lawyer, too clever by half. And police falling about on the stand just by being asked pedestrian questions. It does smack awfully of another OJ, but that case was so violent, so horrifying, to this day I don't know how the man continues to live with himself. At least he's in jail now, even if not for long enough nor for the charges that should have seen him go there.