February 19, 2013

Girls just want to vote for Tony

The Lodge is going to need a lot of redecorating.
According to one poll, only 36 per cent of women are claiming an intent to vote for the ALP at the federal election.

That would leave as many as two thirds who might consider voting for "the misogynist".

By far the majority - a smidgen over 80 per cent - of women don't give a rat's arse about Abbott's gaggle of girls at home, or his gaggle of high achieving women in the office; nor do they give a rat's about Gillard's unmarried, childless status. 

Women haven't been sucker-punched by Gillard's much vaunted misogyny speech.  

It's time for the trumped-up and grossly misplaced gender war to be removed from the political conversation.

Female Voters Choose Tony Abbott

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