January 1, 2013

Year Begins


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Japanese citizens training to ward off tsunamis - good luck with that.

    My New Year predictions:

    1 - The world will not end in 2013.

    2 - Tony Abbott will not convert to Islam (unless he moves his electorate to Lakemba, in which case he will).

    3 - Israel will allow all Palestinians the right of return.

    Two outa three aint bad.


  2. My predictions:

    1. Julia Gillard will be looking for a new job, as will Kev Rudd.

    2. Tony Abbott will not lead the Libs to the election.

    3. The Greens will lose voters in droves.

    4. The drover's dog could win the election without even issuing a single how to vote card.

    5. First bloke won't be allowed to stay behind to continue being first bloke, despite popular demand.

    6. Women still won't destroy the joint, even though it's awfully tempting on most days.

    7. On the eve of the federal election, newspapers will announce that it's knife-edge, too close to call, which will be an hilarious big fat lie.

    8. Bill Shorten will lead the opposition and find that's the end of his political career.

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Are those predictions or wishful thinking?

    And the winner of the next erection:

    She's a beauty, I think she's a she.


  4. Nice dog, will look good in photos with overseas dignitaries. The GG will be pissed-off at being upstaged.

    Wishful? If an increasingly grouchy woman can't wish up big on new year's day, when else?

    Many of my predictions have been known to come true.

    I hope that dog knows what it's getting into.