January 16, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

A vision without execution is just a hallucination.

Malcolm Turnbull  
 Q&A 19 Nov 2012 
(Kev Rudd didn't smile)


  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    In the 60's you could buy a shitload of "vision" for about two bucks a tab - at least you got your money's worth.


  2. Armstrong was doping, but our local pollies are clean (can't be sure about pollies in other countries).


    Maybe the world should re-think the whole anti-drugs stance.

  3. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Maybe they could have the Clean Olympics and also the Anything Goes Olympics.

    Entertainment wise one would suspect the AGO would be more of a go than the CO - for more reasons than can could imagine.

    Instead of Gold, Silver and Bronze they could get Acid, Amphetamines and Ice.

    Last place gets the placebo.


  4. That's an impressive idea (although doesn't address what to do with the politicians).

    I'm concerned that last place gets the placebo. Seems to me, that Australian competitors are struck by suck astonishing self-pity and misplaced shame and excuses when winning a bronze that third place should get the placebo.

    Last place gets the ice, to take the sting away.

  5. Anonymous4:28 PM

    OK, ice for last place - but maybe prozac for bronze (under the circumstances) - poor little dears.

    Personally, having chased many white lines meself, just to cross it before any other bludger, didn't make much sense to me in the end - much better things to do with one's time than trying to be better than anyone else.

    Although I did manage to win acid on a number of occasions (without even trying), it was the game of elite competitive stupidity - which could also be a name for the game we call politics.

    What to do with politicians?

    It would be a mug to take the silly pricks seriously. In fact one could seriously argue that the game of politics is played out in a manner that betrays (and exploits) those values the we, as ordinary citizens, cherish dearly: honesty and trust.

    Therefore all that we can salvage from politics and politicians is a showcase of how not to behave, simply because they wear these values backarsewood.

    Therefore politics should be reclassified as a sport, a sport to be played by the morally backwood, that can be enjoyed by the plebs.

    At this point in the muse the Colosseum comes to mind - for some strange reason.

    Anyway this game for the morally backwwod could be called Scitilop, and the players Scitilopians.

    And the game itself? Well the Colosseum comes to mind.


  6. Scitilop?

    Oh wow.

    Of course.

    Prozac for the Aussie bronze-getters is perfect, and would signify deep empathy for their waves of self-pity over winning an Olympic medal.

    I guess that leaves the placebo for the fourth place winner.

  7. Winning, when it's merely expected - getting to the end first, with "the end" for many sports being some spot not far from the spot you started - is not gratifying: it's following orders.

    I know this, and found it quite depressing.