January 15, 2013

That's it: I'm coming out

If Jodie Foster can come out of the closet a squillion times - and still be accused of fudging it, of being too opaque - then, damn it, I should come out at least once, right?  Hell, anything that Jodie does, the rest of us should do at least once, because she's awesome.

So here we go:  I'm heterosexual. 

There.  I've said it.   

Kar-rist that feels good.

I've never announced my hetero-normative sexual inclinations to anyone until right now.  Not to my family, not to my closest friends, not to my doctor.  No one.  Thankfully, no one has ever outed me either. 

Some day, in a far away place and time, I hope that gays, lesbians, transsexuals, asexuals, bisexuals and indifferent-sexuals, and so on and so forths will no longer be political play things, blugeoned into announcing anything about themeselves, other than if they're running for parliament or president.

Really, it's tacky, isn't it? 

The only thing worse than gays and lesbians being made to feel guilty for not annoucing their sexual proclavities to the world at large - whose business it isn't - is being outed (exactly like someone dobbing on someone for criminal or immoral activities) by another person.  Quite dispicable.

But back to the unnaturally talented, smart , lovely and classy Jodie Foster.  We have all known Foster was gay, at least since the sperm donor thing (she has two sons), the female partner thing, the thanking her female partner thing when Foster won another award years ago (at the time, that was headlined as "Jodie comes out" too), and then the bitter break up with her partner thing (not long after that award thing), and then the rumours of the new girlfriend thing, which may or may not have contributed to the break up thing. 

Today's headlines, and the praise and criticism of Foster's speech at the Golden Globes, are tiresome and insulting.  She's not a Kardashian, she's Jodie Foster!  She should be treated with large dollops of respect, not because or despite being a lesbian, but because she has earned it - on her own terms.

Jodie Foster sort of comes out for sort of the third or fourth of fifth time


  1. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Nothing surprising at all about here sexuality or acting abilities, she was a natural:



  2. Jodie is gay? Tell me it ain't so!

    Ah well. Another vision without execution up in smoke.

  3. Geoffff - yeah, and we know you're not the sperm donor. Sorry. :-(

    iJustin - she started her working life as a three year old.

    For all the hoo-ha about such things, Foster, for me, has always been proof that being a *child star* is not an inevitable path to ruin and stupidity. iCaz thinks those other child stars create their own stupidity and ruin.