January 26, 2013

Someone to vote for!

Are there enough pirates in Australia to stand for all seats? 

I'm hoping so.

For those at a loss as to whom to allocate their precious vote, for those who deem voting to be a serious and precious civic duty, the Pirate Party has arrived - none too soon - to alleviate the angst of putting blunted lead pencil to voting slip at the 2013 federal election.

Pirate Party Australia is pleased to announce that its application for registration as a federal political party passed all tests by the Australian Electoral Commission and is now on the register of political parties.

So far, so legal. 

Can't wait to hear about their policies, and to see their costumes.


  1. What, you mean there aren't enough official pirates already in the major parties ;)

    1. I want a better dressed class of pirates, damn it!

      With hats!

      Lots of hats!

  2. Cheapshot I know.

    1. If not for the cheapshot, this blog would have nothing to say.