January 4, 2013

Duck Friday


  1. That duck looks a little derivative to me. Big and derivative.

    Then again so is Sydney.

  2. Entirely derivative: been everywhere, rubber must be wearing out.

    (Funnily enough, you got sent to spam for that comment. Must be instant sin bin for suggesting anything negative about Sydney.)

  3. At least the duck is floating on the Harbour.

    You don't want to ask what is on the bottom.

  4. Safer up there than on the Yarra: you don't want to ask what's on the top, in the middle, or on the bottom.

  5. Fuck a duck! I forgot!
    Well, I did have an excuse, Caz.
    Been a sick chook. :(
    But thanks to your expert medical advice, I am just about right as the rain falling outside my window.

    Thunder in the distance, so some storms about.
    The air is thick. It's gonna be a steamy 39 today. :P I see it's gonna be 35 over your way.

  6. Storms? Holy moly, must have been a while since you've had one of those.

    Mild here, not even a little bit as bad as your damp hot sector of the big brown island.