December 22, 2012

So this is Christmas

Hubble comes delivers Christmas cheer: nebula NGC 5189.

c/o NASA


  1. Yes, Hubble and NASA more than earn their keep.

    The wonders of the universe. Far prettier up there than down here much of the time.

  2. Far prettier indeed.

    Merry Christmas Caz and here's hoping...

  3. Hope brings courage and effort. Acceptance brings peace. Double-edged.

    Everyday, hope is the one thing standing between me and peace.

    But then there is the different interpretation of the story of Pandora, who was given charge of a precious box never to be opened—when because of curiosity she opened it, indeed, out flew all the buzzing ills and evils that plague humankind. Dismayed, she slammed down the lid too late. Only one creature remained in the box—eventually she let it escape, and it was Hope.

  4. Well... I do hope that today went well.