December 1, 2012


Not for the first time, Julia Gillard recently assured the world of her continuing fortitude:

"I don't think there would be too many Australians that doubt that I've got the personal fortitude to get this job done, no matter how hard it gets."
Much like asylum seekers arriving by sea, this being an act claimed to be self-evidently, inherently "desperate", ipso facto assertions of persecution and refugee-type dangers and deprivations (not country shopping for a nicer world view) must be accepted as indisputably genuine; so too Gillard's never-ending fortitude is asserted as being an inherent and necessary precondition for holding the highest office in the land, an assertion that possessing such a quality - and only that one -  is in and of itself sufficient to be a good and deserving Prime Minister.

Is there anyone in the land doubting Gillard's fortitude?  Must be a few.  Doesn't matter.  Gillard overlooks the flip-side of the coin:  are there enough Australians with the personal fortitude to cope with her continuing primeministership?

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