December 21, 2012

Cultural suckers

Just like the old days:  queuing for food.
This is London's hottest restaurant. I know this because everyone says so.

You can't even hold a spot in line for other people, as we'd been trying to do. Unless your party is there in its entirety, standing on the pavement in the cold, you won't be given a little "FOOD" stamp on your wrist, and you won't be allowed the privilege of entering the building and waiting another hour at the bar for a table to be cleared. So the four of us, now fully assembled, do the walk of shame to the back of the queue.
The place where we're attempting to eat is called Meat Liquor, which specialises in American diner-style food. We're talking burgers, fries, Buffalo wings and deep-fried pickles. As a cuisine, it's so hot right now. It's also the sort of thing that's started appearing on Sydney menus in the past few years.

Meat Liquor is designed to replicate the food truck experience (so hot right now), serving simple fare on bits of paper towel instead of plates, and setting the whole dining area within graffitied walls meant to replicate the feeling of eating in a back alley in Shoreditch (so hot right now).

The food is solid American. The wine list is short. Beer is served in cans. Fancy cocktails are mixed to perfection, shaken with a flourish then presented to discerning diners in ... jam jars.
Queue. Of own free will. Eat fried American-style junk food. Of own free will. Recycle paper towel food receptacle for wiping face. Drink out of jam jar. Of own free will.  Recycle jam jar to catch wayward cockroach. Pay premium. Of own free will. Lose mind. Take medication as prescribed.

London's hottest restaurant leaves me cold

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