December 14, 2012

Appeasement continues

Left luvvies have not vanished.  They haven't been sent off to the op-shop like a pair of bell-bottoms - the ironic kind, from last decade. 

They're alive and well in the Australian Labor Party, diligently appeasing the cause of Islam - not for a handful of silver - all for the hope of holding onto a handful of seats.
Carr reportedly stressed "the electoral problems in Sydney" to Gillard, and The Australian reported the "demographically challenged" Water Minister, Tony Burke, insisted on not rejecting the Palestinian resolution.

Burke's "demographic challenge" is that the proportion of Muslim voters in Watson, his Sydney seat, has rocketed to an astonishing 20 per cent.

Next door in Blaxland, held by Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare, that challenge is even bigger - 23 per cent.

In nearby Reid and Werriwa, it's 10 per cent; in Parramatta and Barton, 9. In fact, of the 20 seats with the most Muslim voters, Labor holds all but one.

Most are in NSW but in Victoria they include Calwell, with 16 per cent being Muslim voters, according to the latest Census.

What's focused Labor on these voters is that its polling says it could be wiped out in next year's elections just in NSW, where more than 10 seats - even Burke's supposedly safe of Watson - are at risk.

Eight have at least 5 per cent Muslim voters, including Parramatta, Barton, Reid, Werriwa, Fowler, Banks and McMahon, held by Immigration Minister Chris Bowen.

Note also that Labor has sacrificed our wider interests before to placate Muslim voters.
Vindictive MPs sell out Prime Minister

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