November 5, 2012

Our unloved leaders

The lack of love for our leaders continues at a trot.

Abbott's love-o-meter is still to zinging down, down, down.

Gillard, despite all evidence pointing to being a leader least likely to engender warm fuzzy feelings (for reasons too myriad to list), remains surprisingly resilient on the love-o-meter, bouncing around the 50/50 mark, depending on which way you look at it. 

Kev Rudd, who grows more and more lovable the less power he has over anything (which is how it should stay, otherwise all love will again be lost), has a not quite out of this world love-o-meter reading from the good folk in his home state, but no one - least of all Kev - should get overly excited about Queenslanders wanting their guy back in the top spot, and still harbouring bitterness over his blood-stained removal.

Malcolm Turnbull, unlike Rudd, has wider appeal, with the best love-o-meter reading of the lot.  Based on the meter, Turnbull is everyone's guy.  More, more, more!  Yep, that's what we want. 

But we all salivate, at least a little, over what we don't have. 

As the old, old, old adage goes:  don't wish too hard ...

Abbott's support plummets

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott race to the bottom


  1. Was in the dentist chair first thing this morning for the six monthly and listened to this almost competing discussion between Bruce and his assistant about what a disgrace Julia was and what a waste of time and money this UN thing was and what a mess we are in and how everybody's business is stuffed and the only industry that is doing fine is the politician industry and as for Gillard and bloody refugees and ...

    What could I say when I came up for the mid way rinse?

    You will get no argument from me.

    Then settled back in the chair and opened my mouth.

  2. A satisfactory morning then?

  3. Still, Gillard does creep up in the polls. Impossible to tell if voters are warming to her, of if they dislike Abbott so much they're rather have Gillard.

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Why do we need a PM anyway, that's what I want to know?


  5. Well, it's a tradition, like Xmas.

    Looking more and more probable that if the PM and the Cabinet took a long holiday (perhaps they could go somewhere together), it would do no harm whatsoever.

    Certainly would not result in the joint being destroyed.

    Might result in the joint chugging along nicely, perhaps the odd improvement, and fewer complaints.

  6. Anonymous11:15 PM

    How about we erect a PM for xmas and then crucify them for Easter?

    We tried in Tassie for a while but it didn't work owing to a lack of population and the fact that we are closely related - we found it easy voting for someone we hated, but a bit harder to vote for your mum.

    On the mainland every body hates everybody else - so it would work really well methinks.


  7. Nooooo, it's Melbourne Cup Day - everyone loves everyone else, including horses and jockeys.

    So: will it be Mittens or Obama?

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    All the losers are gunna hate Green Moon but.

    Me didn't bet, so I still love all them nags, not sure about the jockeys, and them people with silly hats but.


  9. They have a Hare Clark electoral system. You get to vote for one of the Hares or for one the Clarks but not both. Otherwise there is a risk of inbreeding.

    1. Hee hee.


      Always wondered about the Hare Clark thingy, even though I voted exactly like that during my Canberra years (they use it for the territory gov't, which is really an uppity city council).