November 6, 2012

America Votes

In further evidence that Democrats are winning the social media war, hundreds of people have taken to  Twitter  to "report" on a fictional event where Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has called upon satanic powers in a last ditch effort to swing the election in his favour.

The tweets, with the tag #RomneyDeathRally, have  taken on the tones of the Biblical end of days.

The #RomneyDeathRally is described as an apocalyptic event where Romney, running mate Paul Ryan and various other right-wing figures gather with the hordes and there is much death, eating of babies, howling and general mayhem.
We can only dream of finding anything funny to about our next federal election (think ahead, around 10 months: can you think of anything giggle-worthy?) - or anything funny beforehand, either.

Twitter madness and the #RomneyDeathRally

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