October 16, 2012

Gillard's lost vision

Tony Blair put education centre stage when he was Britain's prime minister, describing his government's priority as "education, education, education". In a 1999 speech Blair also argued his plans for the future represented a "moral cause" and New Labour's polices a "moral crusade". 
In her September 3 speech to the National Press Club titled "A national plan for school improvement", Julia Gillard spoke the same language. Denying children equity in education was "a moral wrong" and she called on others to join her in the government's "national crusade" to give "children a better education and a better future".
Surely an embarrassment that Gillard has stolen the whole artificial gender-war from British politics, but her much vaunted life-long passion for providing education for the peons is stolen from Tony Blair.  She's 13 years out of date on that failed endevour. 

What always haunts me, every time I attempt to decipher Gillard's strategies, her tactics, her policies:  she's  the only PM we've ever had who has no written history of her vision, passions, personal drives, influences, policy obsessions, moral compass, ambitions for humanity.  There's nothing from the past, and during her time in government, she continues to avoid penning her thoughts.  

Gillard takes lessons from Blair that won't pay


  1. She's gonna fall flat on her face, Caz!..
    Oh wait..... :D

    Perhaps a kick up her ample arse might do the trick, then?

  2. The whole of the ALP keep falling over, Kath, and yet they get up to stumble through another day, another week, another month, another year.

    It's almost freakish.