October 7, 2012

And the thigh bone is connected to ...

The Gillard government has withdrawn an indigenous health poster that wrongly located and named parts of the female anatomy.

About 2000 copies of the female human anatomy poster were printed by the government and 171 were sent to indigenous health workers around the country to promote the ''Live Longer!'' health campaign.

The Coalition's spokesman on indigenous health, Andrew Laming, identified several mistakes in the poster, including mislabelling the ovaries as the kidneys, the stomach as the lungs and the small intestine as the stomach. It also appears to show two pancreas, one of which seems to be inside the stomach, and the oesophagus running into the lung.

A spokeswoman for the Health Department said some errors had ''crept in'' to the poster during its preparation ''and which unfortunately were missed in the final checking process''. 

 Some errors?  Some?  Really? There was, actual, final checking?  Surely they jest!

While presented as an insult to the Aboriginal community, the target audience for these unforgivably incorrect posters, the focus should be on the Health Department, which collectively failed to demonstrate basic knowledge of human anatomy.  That's a worry, isn't it?


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