August 9, 2012

Right wing news - the American way

Pitiable.  Truly.  Pitiable.

Obama Gay Coverup 


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Damn, and I had a bet that BO was an Islamic hermaphrodite, who on at least two occasions dropped aspirin into his coke.


    I'll expect a parrot in the mail Geoff.


    PS If you send me a bloody galah I'll murder ya.

  2. I have no comment on the subject of JO and gays Justin. I got distracted by the video on that link of two drunk girls falling off a see saw

    I miss you a litle at the joint justin. Not moch but a little
    You can have your old job as pet troll back so long as promise not to be a complete arsehole to the human beings
    Right now I m holding a good old fashined green thrashing day celebration if anyone cares to join in Brifng your own club
    What do you call a green candidate at a bds bash 30 days before an election.

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I must admit I miss you a little bit too Geoff. The offer of being your favourite (one hopes) pet troll is mildly flattering, but to be candid I really don't have the heart to take on such a responsibility. Thanks kindly anyway, my dearest frienemy.

    As it appears I written things that have deeply upset you, and upsetting people of Jewish faith, or nationality was really never my agenda. As you know the Jewish, for many reasons, are dear to me - it's the politics I find difficult to come to terms with. But that goes with politics universally - it's a very dirty and dishonest game; a game I prefer not to play.

    Somehow I feel that we human beings have to come to terms with that primeval defence mechanism we label as racism. It is part of our make up; even as children we become unwitting recipients of the fears and anxieties of our parents who warn us about: Stranger Danger. Think about it.

    And yet, the truth be told it would appear it is not strangers whom are a danger to our children, tis those whom our children trust - too often members of the family or trusted family friends, or sometimes the local priest, or scout master for god's sake.

    Too often we become willing servants to that tribal/primitive nature of our makeup, our behaviour an anachronism, our motives tribal, especially in these times when the human mind has developed a level of sophistication that enables us to observe our childishness in all it's destructiveness, futility and selfishness.

    If only we truly understood racism (where it lives and how's it exploited), not as a thing to be feared (in this day an age), but as a thing to be tamed: not in a brutal manner, nor a so called politically correct manner - but in a manner that not only highlights our differences (with creativity and common decency), but with a punch line that will make us piss our pants with laughter: the best (universal)medicine of all.

    Somehow I thing the Jewish would be excellent at such a humane and entertaining challenge - based on my observations anyway.

    “At the heart of racism is the religious assertion that God made a creative mistake when He brought some people into being” - Friedrich Otto Hertz

    “Our true nationality is mankind.”
    ― H.G. Wells

    Anyway I've written too much, and fear I have made my point poorly, but I trust you will repsect my reasons for attempting to do so.