August 5, 2012

As it began, so it will end

When the end comes for Gillard's leadership, it will be swift and brutal because that is the way of Labor. But believe me, the inevitable knock on the door is not too far away.
Caucus fed up with Gillard's wild goose chase


  1. Yeah! Silly old cow. ;)

  2. Mooo, mooo, mooo.


    In fairness to Jules, she's not old, and not silly, just an especially bad PM, and not a good policy maker or politician. Much to our collective detriment and the detriment of the ALP.

    Is a bit tiresome for old guys to be always commenting and sniggering about younger and more powerful woman.


    Do wish Tim had been there for the Will Ferris interview, rather than Julia, would have been much more fun, I think.

  3. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Inept middle-aged goose then.

    What the Party giveth, the Party can taketh away again.

    Oh, the horror!


  4. The Party of fools, nowadays.

    (How the fuck did it come to this?)