July 29, 2012

Because todays music really is all the same

 *Phew*.  Not an old foggy after all.  A few months ago I resorted to changing my morning radio station, because I could no longer stand the music (or the "news":  some twerp from One Direction kissed some girl in New Zealand is NOT fucking news, people!!) 
But it seems that believing today's music is samey, boring and, well, just too loud does not necessarily make you a miserable reactionary. Rather, it is the scientific truth.

An analysis of the pitch, timbre and loudness of half a million songs, from Bill Haley in 1955 to Lady Gaga in 2010, has found that, over the past 55 years, the melodies have become simpler and converged stylistically. At the same time, volume has increased.
It's true, songs today all sound the same - Nature Scientific Reports 

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