March 8, 2012

Swan is funnier than I thought

Observations on Wayne Swan aired in this last week:
- Wayne Swan is well-balanced; he has a chip on both shoulders.  - Arthur Sinodinos

- Intellectual pygmy.  - Clive Palmer

- I would say that, with his limited ideas, he could not make an impression on a cushion.  - Clive Palmer

Envious class warrior a relic of past

Wayne Swan knows nothing about me or our democracy

Treasurer lashes out at poison of tycoons

Wayne Swan’s fightin’ words


  1. Lol! I liked the cushion quip best, Caz. :D

  2. Palmer is self-serving, and is clearly of an ideological bent that has nothing to do with democracy or economic prosperity of the many; he does, however, have the full measure of Swan's credentials and performance as a treasurer.

  3. "Herald Sun colleague Terry McCrann, who in person rarely stoops to vulgarities, was inspired to type the word "crap" 20 times in describing Swan's effort on Tuesday. Another colleague, the Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape, has noted that Australia must thank the miners over and over.

    "A ham sandwich could run this economy and it would still go gangbusters," he has said, though he did not speculate on which mining magnate Clive Palmer would sooner gobble up - Swan or the ham sandwich."

  4. Clive Palmer is someone the Gold Coast could do without. There is no record of him having done a single thing of benefit to the community. He thinks his contribution is to get fat and rich. His slurs aren't even original.

    My family helped found the Gold Coast. It was hard work. It was not done to pave the way for people like him. My estimation of Wayne Swan has gone up as a result of these attacks on him.

    He is however an enemy of the Greens. That makes him a friend of mine. If it wasn't for the Greens I would spend my time railing against the Clive Palmers of this world. Just like I used to. This is how much the Greens have polluted the political culture of our country.

  5. Meh. There's nothing Swan can do or omit to do that would send him up in my estimations.

    The most interesting things about this minor stoush were:

    - the gall shown by the needy-billionaires

    - the knee jerk and wrong minded "politics of envy" reaction on the right

    - the overwhelming public (based on online comments) condemnation of Swan (left wing socialist, jealous of rich folk) and support of the needy-billionaires (whose vast wealth is seen as creating endless jobs and benefiting the general population merely by the existence of these super rich folk).

    No recognition from the public that these billionaires have often inherited their initial wealth (the lucky sperm lottery) and can only improve their huge wealth by taking collective resources from collectively owned land.

    Not true of all wealthy people, of course, just as it's not true that every whinging farmer owes his or her job to the generosity of taxpayers (hey, all that farm land was initially given away, and the huge subsidies continue to this day).

    Still, these people are no heroes, and certainly not heroes to the average or even above average household.

    Just ask Gina Rinehart's children.