March 18, 2012

Gina remembers the good old days

Current legal battles with three of her children must bring back fond memories for Gina Rinehart; those warm fuzzy days when daddy Hancock was still alive, offering a strong shoulder and sound business advice to his only child.
She had described her father as "nearly perfect" when interviewed for a BBC documentary at age 12. But when they fell out over Hancock's decision to marry his Filipino housekeeper Rose Lacson, Lang's attack on Gina was savage and highly personal.

In a letter to her, Hancock said he wanted to remember his daughter as the "neat, trim, capable and attractive young lady" she had been, rather than "the slothful, vindictive and devious baby elephant" that she had become. Rinehart responded by calling her father's bride a "Filipina whore".
Those innocent, happier days are long gone.

Battle of the disappointed billionaires 

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