January 28, 2012


Gobsmacked to read that medical research is still treating women as a mere (lesser) derivatives of men.  I thought this approach had been abandoned – albeit, not long ago, only a decade or two. 

When the medical profession treats women as small men, lives are lost.  Once upon a time, again, not long ago, women died at a large and rapid rate when receiving stents to unblock heart arteries:  smaller arteries, but given man-sized stents.  Spread that across all possible medical research, and all medical conditions, and the failure to differentiate research and failure to differentiate findings according to gender, is grave, damning, and embarrassing to the medical profession – yet it continues. 
Research also suggests that men and women have different responses to anesthesia and pain drugs, reporting different levels of efficacy and side effects. That bolsters the idea that men and women experience pain differently.

One reason for the lack of information about sex differences is that many pain studies, in both animals and humans, are done only in males. One analysis found that 79 percent of the animal studies published in a pain journal over a decade included only male subjects, compared with 8 percent that used only female animals.
Management of pain has significant implications for a patient’s health and wellbeing and even ability to recover, this is no small thing.  This study is shameful; the area has been studied before, and over decades, with the same outcome:  no attempt to expand upon and address what is already known, total waste. 

To all those guys in rabidly angry men's groups:  don't worry, you're not discriminated against, you're not getting lesser medical attention, nor do you need to demand special men's clinics; on the contrary, most medical research is still undertaken to benefit you and only you.

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