December 3, 2011

Who has the sourer grapes?

Rudd is a vengeful, vain man; we know that, but he has, this past year, popped up all over the place with a large grin and a remarkably happy disposition.

Gillard, on the other hand, fronted the ALP conference yesterday, giving an banal (as usual) speech (although Rudd, as PM, was guilty of the same sin; remember his droning acceptance speech, the night he beat Howard?), mentioning every former Labor Prime Minister - except for Rudd.

Bitch?  Ungracious?  Sour grapes?

All of that, and likely more.

Some time during the last 18 months, Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia, has utterly forgotten that the ONLY reason she is PM - albeit, a deeply loathed and appalling one - is because one Kevin Rudd convincingly defeated one John Howard.

Grace in losing is admirable, but grace in winning is a great deal more important*.  Surely an ALP lackey (or the sycophantic Bill Shorten) could have explained this before Gillard got on a stage and showed everyone the size of her bowl of sour grapes.

*Although it's still difficult to grasp what it is, really, that Gillard has won; certainly, for the rest of us the community - the loses under her rule mount day by day.

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