December 16, 2011

Paper cut upsets little states

The never ending catalog of misplaced human outrage:

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPCD) has cancelled their subscriptions to newspapers from everywhere other than London, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Yes, let's get all huffy about the PMs own department's lack of interest in the rest of Australia.

Let's not be outraged at:

- cost savings: $9569

- continued spend on hard copy papers and journals: $103,252.

All newspaper articles, bar the pay wall content of the Financial Review and The Australian and most journals, are available, for free, online.
Liberal Senator Scott Ryan, who sought the information, said it showed Ms Gillard's department was not interested in life beyond the southeast states.

"I really think she (Ms Gillard) would be better served learning about the issues that affect Queenslanders and getting her head out of the London papers," he said.
No Senator, both she (Gillard) and you would be better served noticing that the paltry sum saved is meaningless and the amount still being spent on newspapers by DPMC is, in this day, unjustifiable; ditto any other government entity.

Get huffy about something that matters, for goodness sake.

Gillard's department cancels subscriptions

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