November 21, 2011


The Age online poll question:

Is Australia doing enough to maintain good relations with China?

Majority say no.

How did it get to this? 

When did we become the country that feels an burning need to be aligned with China; a large Communist country whose rulers don't and never will give a rat's arse about *upsetting* Australia.  You never see those guys hand-wringing over the allure, or not, of their actions to the rest of the world. 

Meanwhile, the Indonesian President has suggested that, to appease communists, Australia should invite Chinese military to conduct exercises with US and Australian forces.  This would "defuse tensions".

Funny: I wasn't at all tense until everyone got the vapors about China's itty bitty feelings.

God bless America.

Invite China's army - Jakarta


  1. It's that blasted China lobby in DFAT.

  2. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Yep, the Yanks are gunna really piss off them pesky Chinese when they default, one way or another, on their ever increasing unpayable debt, which just hit 15 trillion dollars btw.

    Is this recent military arrangement the usual paranoia about security and boogie men (intentionally directed at China by Obama), or are Yanks just positioning themselves so that when they inevitably default they can manipulate events into a full blown security alert based on some contrived propaganda, thus dragging all their giggling poodles into the cynical game.

    China knows damn well they are going to get stiffed, it's going to be the manner in which the Yanks go about it that will bring interesting times.

    How many bombs has China dropped lately, how many bombs have the Yanks dropped lately?

    How many Chinese banks have turned fraud into a business model and criminally fleeced pension funds, sold fraudulent financial products all over the globe robbing people of their savings and livelihoods, and then making these victims suffer the humiliation of having to reward the criminals with bail outs - well done Obama and Bush, well done home of the brave and all that crap?

    15 trillion in debt and still no agreement on how to cut back spending by a pathetic 120 billion a year. Stop dropping fucking bombs you morons, that will do it in a oner.

    Interesting times indeed, and many distractions to come in our sick and twisted world of absolute greed and bloody stupidity.


  3. geoffff9:43 AM

    Or at least drop the bombs with more accuracy. Those bloody things are expensive.

  4. Anonymous4:35 PM

    That's the trouble Geoff - it's a sad day when we can make bombs with far more intelligence than the pricks who drop em.


  5. geoffff6:50 PM

    Sorry mate I'm with you. It's a very sad day. But every day is a sad day and has been for a while now.

    I could wish for a world where pacifism was an option but right now you may as well wish for Santa Claus. In the meantime it would be helpful if the bleeding hearts bled a little empathy for the people who are the targets of this insane pack hatred and showed a little respect for the professionals who risk their lives fighting it; including our blokes.

    Any weapon that can be deployed with precision and reduces risk to the lives of the personnel of the militaries of the liberal democracies is smart by me. Right now we couldn't get smarter.

  6. geoffff6:55 PM

    And girls of course. Including both the blokes and non-blokes. The "guys" I suppose you would call them. Including our guys.

  7. Wow Justin - you really think the Chinese are so sqeaky clean with their economic management? Keeping their Yen or Ying or Yang, or whatever it is, artificially low, their absolute advantage? Doesn't only affect US, affects every damned country, including ours.

    I'm not convinced US will default. Interesting that you quite convinced that it will happen.

    GOP have bloced EVERY attempt by Obama to raise tiny bit of tax, or cut obvious things that can be cut. GOP is fucking their own country and not even holding power; imagine what they will do if they win Prez election next year! If you think Obama bad, just wait ... !! (Jeez, look at the line up of lunatics that Republicans have in the Prez running so far; make Palin look like a genius political sophisticate.)

    With a few marines here: US has more than 5500 locations around the world with their military, around 4200, or such, are in the US, but that leave more than 1000 in other countries.

    Kind of puts one little location in Oz into perspective. Doesn't actually make it that special!

    Have to thoroughly agree with you about the smart bombs and dumb people. Embarrassingly true, alas.

    Human kind, for all our superior intellect, continues to be dumb - a fact of which I note way too often (even I feel like I'm on a tape look, at times; must annoy the crap out of people reading this little blog).

  8. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Caz, the US is already in the process of defaulting. ZIRP, Quantative Easing, Operation Twist are just ways of debasing their currency.

    It is easy to fall into the trap of the blame game - this unsolvable mess has been brewing for 40 years, and Presidents from both sides of the house have been equally complicit in the demise of the US economically.

    Clinton was responsible (1998 I think) for withdrawing Glass-Steagall Act(enacted in 1933 as a result of the reckless behaviour of bankers leading up to 1929) which protected bank depositors from the risky shadow banking system, and broker dealers.

    Since then the US taxpayer has bailed out the bankers to the tune of over 2 trillion dollars.

    The US has now 15 trillion of debt to repay. The Fed, having the biggest holding of US treasuries, after China, can no longer afford to give the Treasury back the interest it collects on those bonds, they give IOUs, wise the Feds liquidity would be wiped out - bye bye Fed.

    A 2% rise in interest rates would also wipe the Fed out, and the US along with it.

    With increasing debt and decreasing tax receipts how long would it take to repay 15 trillion, taking into account low (negative in real terms) interest rates?

    This might help:


  9. Yes, the history is long, but the economic idiocy of each country is unique.

    Eg, Greece letting people retire at 50 - those with "onerous" jobs, like hairdressers; or their absurdly antiquated limits to doing business, such as lawyers only being able to provide work in a designated geographic location.

    The U.S. fiscal outlook was pretty good in 2000, but the Republicans pissed away the surplus (as have our ALP, as soon as they had their hands on the levers) - on tax cuts and unfunded wars.

    All the GOP want to do now, if they could, is slash Social Security and Medicare, which would not address the deficit.

    GOP and even Obama want to cut spending, yet their employment is still abysmal. No uptick, more jobs lost, lower revenue. Don't understand how they could get it so wrong.

    Americans have a huge decision next year, based on values - not on the deficit - it's monumental. GOP, slash, burn, destroy the economy? Or give Dem's a big enough mandate to turn the country around, ever so slowly?

    I'm not sure that it would be diabolical if US defaults on their debt; it has happened before. Besides, $15 trillion is a laughable figure - once you've got that much debt, you almost stop worrying, surely - you buggered. At least that's not up for debate.

  10. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Was it 15 trillion just last week, now it's 15.11 trillion. 110 billion dollars in no time flat. And that's about what they have to decide to cut in a whole year.


  11. I don't think any politician can turn that around, Justin.

    Just as Australian's are wedded to certain things - "free" health care, meat pies with sauce, ever spiralling wealth-fare, negative gearing (just getting rid of the last would instantly wipe out the deficit) - so too, Americans are rusted onto a very expensive way of life, with individuals being pummeled into the ground, yet, they decline to take a bit of a turn to the left, which would be better for the budget - for the individuals and for the feds.

    Look how long it took for hugely watered down health insurance 'reforms'.

    Yes, they think we have silly and overly generous policies, and pay too much tax, but jeez, it's difficult not to look at some aspect of America and wonder why they cling to economic policies designed for another era (eg, employers paying for health insurance).

    Meanwhile, another $10B in debt was rung up in the minutes it took me to type. (Pass the cheap Xmas decorations.)