November 9, 2011

They won't follow her, follow her, follow her

Julia Gillard's introduction of a carbon tax has been praised at the latest economic summit for showing the way on climate change but Australia is being isolated within the G20 on carbon pricing as members retreat due to changing priorities and economic pressure.
And the prices within the Emission Trading Scheme in Europe continue to crash and burn; that would be the only ETS that will be available (will it still exist?) when the artificially high fixed price of Australian CO2 emission meets and greets the free market, in only a couple of years.
While Australia is pursuing the most comprehensive carbon tax in the world to combat the effects of climate change, other G20 members are retreating from emissions trading schemes to cut greenhouse gas emissions, such as Canada, while others are giving greater emphasis to dealing with the immediate effects of climate change.

"I think the leadership of Australia should be acknowledged but it's not going to be a case of follow the leader."

The business leaders attending the G20 summit in Cannes - the B20 - recommended support for action on climate change but stopped short of recommending carbon pricing, suggesting that helping developing nations with clean energy and carbon emissions control were also necessary.
Gillard on her own on carbon tax

Collapse of carbon price in Europe

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