November 21, 2011

I'm confused

European drink makers have been banned from claiming water can prevent dehydration.

WU officials in Brussels have said that a three year investigation found no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact.

Companies making the claim for hydration will face a two year jail sentence.

Pass the gin and tonic.


  1. Well, we can't have people self-medicating willy nilly. Also important to remember the stuff can be quite lethal when inhaled.

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Water don't prevent dehydration and pizza is a vegetable:


  3. Jacob. Very astute.

    Water can also be lethal when ingested correctly, but in overly large volumes.

    Neither of these key points noted by the study.

    The outcome should have been warning labels on bottles stating: "when used incorrectly, water can kill". Other variations ... "not a toy, keep away from children" ... "slippery when spilt" ... and so.

    Now that you've alerted me to these additional matters, I realise the investigation recommendations have not gone far enough.

    Jacob - yes, I recall that pizza = vegetable thing. I should eat more vegetables.

  4. "Warning: Contains Dihydrogen Monoxide."

    Remember the dihydrogen monoxide 'scare'?

  5. Oh yes, I remember it well Jacob!

    And oops ... not for the first time, I attributed Justin's comment to you (it's the whole "J" thing; christ you wouldn't think it that difficult to keep a handle on it - there's only the two of you!).